Whole Home Audio | Nest Mini

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  1. A 3.5mm audio out jack, Google. C'mon, it's not hard. It's not rocket science. It's not expensive. You could have skipped developing a speaker upgrade and just included an aux out 3.5mm jack, for far less money resulting in far greater user flexibility.

  2. Pixel 4
    For the price you get:
    1. No headphone jack.
    2. No wide angle lens.
    3. Tiny battery.
    4. Big bezels.
    5. No earphones included in the box.
    6. Not Snapdragon 855 plus.
    7. No 5G.
    8. Starts at 64gb with no expandable storage.
    Good luck Pixel 4!

    Apple iphone 11 128gb cheaper than base P4. What a joke!

  3. Thank you Google/Youtube Premium for dangling a free Nest mini (or actually two) in front of me and then not selling them in Finland! You have the knowledge in the google store that I'm from Finland, why not use that knowledge when you mail your promotions and NOT mail them to people who cannot redeem them. You can buy the home mini in Finland, but not through the google store. Argh!

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