Wholesaling Real Estate | Ugly House Fix n Flip Update | Vlog 15

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  1. I know you're super busy Max, but I shot you an email about your trip to Phoenix. Give me a shout back when you can!

  2. Max Maxwell if you get the homesnap app you can take a picture of the property and it will give you information on the house (address and price) which you can email to yourself or your assistants. By the way are still doing skip tracing services through your company Sir.

  3. Hi Max….real quick

    I secured a meeting with a local attorney that specializes in probate. She wants to meet me for coffee to discuss how i can be a resource to her firm. This is huge Max for me if i can land this firm so they can pass me probate leads. I've never done a deal so how should i position myself at this meeting? i cant believe she responded to my email for a meeting

  4. That dude Francis is a beast. He is all around a good RE professional. RE investor/Agent and manages flips?

  5. I am addicted to your channel. I get ansty when a couple days pass by and I dont see any new posts from you. LOL

  6. Love the videos, truly inspirational. Love your hustle, I had a question for you. I watched an older video and noticed you got up around 5:00 – 5:30 for the gym. What time do you normally go to sleep? I want to start waking up at 5:00 – 5:15 for the gym and to help increase my productivity but have trouble sleeping lol working on that part. Do you have a routine you do before bed?

  7. I am currently returning from a deployment from the middle east. I have been watching your channel instead of WSHH. You have inspired me to get my own company, which I finalize next week with 2 of my friends. When ever you hit those low points. Brother just know your work and guidance is inspiring others to "DO THE WORK". I love how you brought your whole team with you each step of the way. Continued success.

  8. Good afternoon MAx Maxwell , I'm new to your Chanel , I'm interested learning for you , let me know when you are not too busy , stay blessed.

  9. That office space is so fire! Fam you should check out those standing walking desks in the future. Its like a treadmill with a platform for a laptop. Keep doing your thing brother. Super inspiring.

  10. Great content man. I’ve learned so much. I actually stay in the 336 area, Greensboro to be specific. I would love to pick your brain a little on wholesaling since I’m just getting started. I haven’t found anyone in this area to ask questions and pick their brain!! Keep the vids coming !!

  11. Hey Max, I need some guidance on wholesaling a property that is going to foreclosure sale in a month. The property is in an A- neighborhood, per the tax assessor the prop appraised a month ago at $342k and the opening bid is $228k! That's over $100K in equity. All comps look good. Just need to know how to get this done before sale. Please respond and I will JV the deal if I have to.

  12. Great video as always I am thinking about hiring a VA but I am not sure how it will work as far as forwarding calls to the VA.

  13. Mr. Max, you are truly amazing at what you do, I watch your videos over and over , keep up the amazing GRIND! BLESSINGS.

  14. Hi Max!!! I enjoy your channel so much. I currently wholesale in Columbia SC, but I live in a pretty rural area. Do you have any advice about investing in rural areas/small towns?

  15. I've officially watched every video, picked up 20 properties while driving for dollars and built a massive current buyers list with a secret technique lol thanks for the motivation

  16. Can you walk in/around the houses that are about to get demolished before you buy it? So you know whether it's a good investment or not.

  17. Great videos Max is their another link to download the ebook having trouble with the link under video+ Thank you in advance+++

  18. 12:55 Hey Max Im coming to your office when it's done so expect me 😆
    The only way I'm not showing up is you keep uploading new videos hehe

  19. So, for you personally in your business…where do you get financing for your renovations? Do you use hard money lenders?

  20. I just got some knowledge from you cuz I seen some of the properties around my way definitely going to take a look at 🧐🤔🤑

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