Why China’s Investment in Africa Raises Questions, Putin, Trump & More!

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  1. 40 years ago China was as poor as Africa, in 1980 the GDP per capita of China was under 200$, and now it's over 10000$. I think Africa values China's experience much more.

  2. China’s way actually brings money and work to nations while U.S. just sees them as poor people who need a white savior

  3. This is ridiculous. The “debt trap narrative” is clearly just a thinly vailed excuse by China so they can continue to take over as much of the world as possible.

  4. Im from South Africa and If you really want to have a nice deep dive look into the Failed South Africa, Russia nuclear deal that saw India business men crippling the power generation of South Africa and at the same time bribing government members or replacing them to sign deals we knew we could never repay.

  5. While I firmly believe that China has far-down-the-road plans that are in China's best interest first and foremost – the fact is that this benefits both countries and I can't fault Africa for accepting. Africa needs infrastructure, jobs, and industries – which is what China is delivering. China needs to continue to grow both their populace and their economy – which is what Africa is delivering (Chinese citizens work on the infrastructure projects – money goes back to China and their families). The bummer thing is that the only reason the US is caring about Africa is because their enemies are caring about Africa. With that being said, Russia doesn't belong – at all. They're only arming the country, and that's the last thing anyone needs. I'm not saying that Africa can't be armed, I'm saying that a general disarmament of EVERY country is in the world's best interest.

  6. I'm so glad you've brought light to this issue… China has bought the continent… And it is horrible! Worst thing is where the political figures are taking HUGE bribes and not caring about the country!

  7. In 2016, South African citizens were freaking out because our president wanted to take a huge loan from Russia to build power stations. Our finance minister was fired for blocking the loan. The uncertainty caused by the president's drastic actions significantly weakened our economy.

  8. So, what achievement did western countries do in Africa country? All I know is French build a high speed train at somewhere in Africa.

  9. Also you need to slow down your speech… Or at least a bit of a pause when there's some kind of punctuation. Other than that, great report!

  10. Did China use missiles to force other countries to do business with it ? China has forgiven debts to other countries again and again. How about America and the pre ww2 Europe ? They have bullied other countries with missiles.

  11. This debt-trap strategy is already playing out in malicious ways in the EU. Kraut has a video diving into China called, "Trump's biggest failure" that is extremely enlightening and deeply disturbing.

  12. Actually true, when I was still in college learning about the economy, the International Monetary Fund was essentially giving out loans that were near impossible to pay back. What they would do to profit from this was to alleviate the loan payment by having the other countries loosen up their environmental laws, ban unions, and the like. This made it much easier for companies to profit from such low margins. Apparently China and one other country were the only two that have escaped the vicious cycle.

  13. It’s not just America though. Everyone is still treating Africa as a place with lots of resources as a commodity rather than actually dealing on equal footing with another continent and the country’s that reside in it. All of the big players. China, Russia, and the United States don’t actually care what happens to Africa and if they will even be able to prosper and no longer be home to some of the poorest nations on the planet. They just want to sure up alliance any way they possibly can so that one day people will looks back on Africa trade deals as a big factor as to why China or Russia could ever overtake the US in the future and become the world’s new number 1 power house. Because coming with the number 1 spot is the opportunity to not listen to any other country because you don’t need their help to reach the top anymore and you can just do whatever you want without a single care of what the other world powerhouse or the UN could possibly do to you because their not a lot they could do even if they wanted to. It’s exactly how America has operated for almost the past 70 years since WW2 ended. the US emerged as the most dominant country on the planet and has kept a vice like grip on this position ever since because it is nice to be number 1 and never ever Have to take orders from anyone. So now more recently with the technology age we are able to see in real time what China and Russia are both trying to do with Africa as their pawn/play thing to generate power to surpass the US in almost every spending and consumption statistic their is to signal a changing of the guard. Of course we as the US are always going to want to keep it our number 1 spot as a priority to remain as the the largest country’s in terms of spending and military and services and goods. And the various attempts ever single year by Russia and China to become the next superpower nation that everyone else has to answer to like how the world right now has to answer to whatever the United States investigative or needs simply because we are the number 1. It’s best described in a joke where the UN threatens to sanction the US for anything they done that seems out of line and the US responding by “well who gonna enforce those sanction???”, “last time I checked you don’t have a any military might United Nations? So I suggest you sit down and shut up. That’s what I would do if I had no military might I’d shut the hell up and let whoever has military might actually do the big boy work” or the joke of the UN telling the US to stop trying to be the world’s police. To witch the US responds to the UN, “well what are you gonna do about it? Call the cops??? You idiots WE ARE THE COPS!”

  14. honestly, this is really concerning.. China is 100% doing this for the sake of wanting something back, and so is Russia. There is no such thing as “be the nice guy” and “I don’t want absolutely anything back other than these small things” in the world of world leaders. Living in Egypt now scares me much more than I used to be.

  15. As if the US is giving money to Africa solely to help democracy prosper around the world. Stop with the bullshit idea that the USA is the world’s police. Every dollar that the USA gives out is meant to give them some sort of gain down the road.

  16. I think you brushed off China's dept trap strategy to easily, look at what they done I Asia. They'll pull the same stuff in Africa.

  17. China's method is the much better method and route Africa should take. Africa can get freedom and democracy all day- but democracy doesn't make roads or build farms.
    America likes to think how we did it was best; get democracy and build infrastructure along side it. And frankly, that probably is best, but that's not realistic. Yes yes we did have some wars and a bigger civil war but on the whole, Americans came together under one flag with relative ease. Again, very surface level America's path has been a lot easier than most countries when it comes to unity and building up democracy and industry together. But we were lucky.

    Africa's, problems can't be summed up cleanly due to previous colonial issues. The way the borders are drawn are not how the African people actually wanted them. Most conflicts happen over ethnic groups that absolutely hate each other being push together and told to get along. So yeah, of course you can't all agree and have a democracy and have a nice clean voting system when you fundamentally disagree with your neighbors and hate them.
    That's like asking red blooded Americans and hard core communists to come agree on how to build a city.

    And what's the point in democracy if everything's shit? Sounds weird to Americans because freedom over all is so culturally ingrained in us, but to a lot of Africans, they'd just rather eat and not live in a shack over getting to vote every few months. Several dictatorships in Africa that put the people before more wars have massive approval ratings because hey, they're actually getting something done for once.

    What Africa needs is infrastructure. They need roads, water, electricity, plumbing, medical care, and above all, security. The African people need that desperately, and they will take it from whoever gives it. Only once people can lead decent lives there can they be worried about democracy and freedoms.
    I'm America, freedom is a right. In most the world, it's a luxury. We gotta stop thinking we can raise every country back up like Japan or Korea so easily- our success rate isn't as high as we like to think.

  18. The US version is better for Africa as they are not trying to own their property or ports, they simply want to aid them into democracy by letting the people vote. These African leaders want to stay in power 20+ years and make money for themselves and unfortunately there is corruption in some of these African countries.

  19. The US method of war a d destruction and the Chinese method of debt and economic burden plus the crippling austerity from things like IMF(US). Which is worse? I say US war mongering is worse but both are bad.

  20. Also US using aid is worse than debt because with debt, you at least know first hand what you're getting yourself into.

  21. Even if its a "debt trap" it sure sounds way better than getting bombed by drones and occupied for your oil. At least this way infrastructure is getting built instead of having it bombed.

  22. China has better trade relations with Africa, though it requires greater transparency for the taxpayer to understand how the trade deals are being crafted.

  23. I’m going jump on theory!! This virus that’s going around China I think it’s the government creating lethal viruses! To much of coincidence or not! I’m waiting on video that this virus was purposely done.

  24. To be honest, let's just start with dropping the single word "Africa". That is akin to talking about to talking about "America" for the nations of North America and South America.

    In speaking of the collective whole it would be better to speak of "the African states", since there are north of 50 actual nations or territories over five distinct regions (as defined by the UN). Egypt is Africa, as is Sierra Leone, and even Madagascar (even though detached).

    That means so so much complexity in terms of dealing with so many different sovereign states. "African states" is a term that helps remind people that Africa is not a country…which is really what many westerners vaguely think.

  25. You can take China's INVESTMENTS in Business or you can take 500 pound precision Guided bomb from a US Reaper drone to your citizens and infrastructure.
    Which would it be???

  26. I don't know if i trust china not to lean into those parts of their deal. I think theyd pressure those countries in other ways too.

    However, on paper, i prefer china's methods. On paper, they are leaving the countries alone and simply initiating in trade and loans to help the countries. Where as the US and other powers just want to fully control them and tell them how to run their countries. We've been doing that for over 75 years now all over the world and it's time to stop. We've never been successful and it always ends horribly.

  27. I was in Uganda this past May. The influence of China is absolutely appalling. I tried to talk with the locals about it as much as possible. For the most part, they view it as a good thing. China’s giving them a highway, which is creating jobs through construction, which is helping the economy. But a few people pointed out how fearful they are of China’s influence. Before, their national parks were untouchable by law. Now, China is drilling in them and exporting their goods for them (hence, the highway). The question is becoming, if China demands it, will their government say no? They know their national parks are rich in oil and ore, and Ugandans are definitely fearful of what that means

  28. well that's what they usually do, drown countries with debts and destroy it inside out. I hope that virus plaguing them atm will change their minds.

  29. If I sub to RR chances are I pay attn. I did know about China investments. The belt and road initiative too. Why would you assume otherwise. You audience is smarter than you give them credit for.

  30. China is just bad news. You do not want them diggin in your country. It scares me that our president in South Africa is wanting to be friendly with them.

  31. Didn't the west bog Africa down under massive debt? I remember people arguing about forgiving Africas debt as a way of helping lift up the continent.

  32. Why have none Africas been asked how they feel and interpret it? it keeps being viewed by western eyes, but has anyone thought of how us, as Africans feel and approach this, i agree that i dont want to be in debt, but the majority of the continent thinks differently, and only for the current outcome, people dont get how widespread corruption goes here, and that most of the money barely comes to the individuals, but rather into the pockets of the higher ranked individuals, (OBVIOUSLY JUST MY SUBJECTIVE OPINION)

  33. Wow, it's almost like a huge country with a disposable workforce and basically no regulations for environment, health, or other workers rights you can quickly take over the world's economies.

  34. This video was very well made and presented the information in an easy to follow way. However, it seemed as though they [the narrator] was trying to get the information out there pretty fast. I would ask that the narrator slows down just a little bit and allows time for the viewer to process the information. I'd rather watch a 20 minute video that moves along at a good pace than a fast paced 11 minute one. Nonetheless, the video content was amazing and really got me thinking! This kind of stuff is not regularly reported so the average american would not know about it. Seeing it here really makes you get a better understanding of how the powers of the world try to run their countries through others. It's kind of scary to see tbh

  35. Did China force any African nation to borrow money from them? If not, what's the problem? You know what you need to reply before signing contracts with China. China did nothing wrong.

  36. Cmon! "Places like the US favor International aid approach? Democratization? Removing corruption?"Your analysis" is substantially flawed and filled with that western colonial bias! please redo that piece with objectivity in mind. Seriously???? Go learn about the coups financed, democratic elected leaders killed, colonial stronghold on money reserves, and other forms of economic enslavement applied by your beloved "Places like the US "

  37. The purpose of buisness is to make money and foreign companies will always want to take advantage. China is more of a directed effort to control america while US companies are not as coordinated. And honestly US companies are so evil at some times.

  38. So…. exactly like what the US did in Latin America? kkkkkk
    I hope China gets Africa, that way at least the world power will be a bit more balance…

  39. im from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. I'm seeing this same pattern repeated in my politically polarized country. We're deep in debt to China…..and our government keeps taking loans against the wishes of the people.

  40. China has been heavily into Africa, since at least the 1980's, building dams and other infrastructure as foreign aid and otherwise to gain influence. This is not new.

  41. Are these new agreements even enforceable? Especially considering prior agreements between African nations and their previous European colonial nations?

  42. Bolton is not the man I care to look at as someone to listen to on anything because he's an imperialist warmongering prick. His world view is problematic.

    Not that China is great or in the right.

  43. America: China is exploiting you Africa you should stop taking money from them

    Africa: ok will you help me and give me 32B to build my economy

    America: mmmmmmmm

    Africa: WTF does that mean

  44. It is very easy to determine how China's hold is on a country. Try to get the Dalai Lama to get a visitation visa to that country. https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/Dalai-Lama-denied-visa-to-SA-for-a-third-time-20140904

  45. Maybe a combination of the 2 methods? Democratization should happen naturally bc clearly the US force-tactics aren’t making much progress. Maybe we should offer aid in favor for our goals in the UN instead of locking loans to collateral. Many African countries might have corrupt governments, but so do a lot of other countries. Maybe once said countries becomes more industrial their citizens can push for reform.

  46. Aid is NOT a form of investment, it is a form of SLAVERY. Africa need business relationships just like any country. The West and Europe is always up to deception. China have done more to improve the lives of Africans in the last 20 years than Europe and America have done in the last 300 years.

  47. China has been investing in Africa, since at least the 1980's, building dams and other major infrastructure. Name one country that they have taken over? That tells you that these countries are meeting their obligations of paying back the loans and that these deals are good for both the Africans and China.

  48. So China is using its financial position to influence countries for their own politic means…Does this really sound any different from how the US government uses aid or Conglomerates exploit countries resources with bribes?

  49. As an African, I prefer the business deals many of these countries are making with China/Russia. They are treated as equal trading partners. The implication that an entire nation, say Kenya, is too naive to know what it’s getting into or will be unable to pay back its loans is paternalistic and a thinly veiled attempt at western imperialism. America is billions of dollars in debt to China and yet they are warning sovereign nations not to borrow money. Ridiculous.

  50. I hate that I knew most about this from Top Gear when they did trips to botswana and other places and mentioned how Chinese companies built the good roads

  51. so america is worried about russia trading weapons with african nations BUT america sells billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi arabia that they use to murder yemeni's and everyone has to be ok with it because america is so 'progressive' and 'righteous' ? if america can do it then so can russia and china,i feel like america doesn't want africa to become a super power with the help from other countries, they like to view africa as a nation that needs help and can give help to be seen as not racist especially when it comes to election time, i think it scares other nations that one day africa as a whole will not need aid and that's the only thing the west ever gives, whereas china and russia will have business deals so a more prosperous continent means more business for china and russia with america wholly losing because they wanna play saviour.

  52. Oh please what bull. The US has been using us the same way for YEARS. They just hate the fact that China is one upping them and won't have us much leverage over us anymore.
    Not to say what is happening with China is great. All the global North countries are using and have been using us for years. Can they all just leave us alone please?

  53. Ate you serious?Concern about African countries have debt with China for 3 generations? You never see your own wrongdoings like Puerto Rico with 75 billion in debt caused by people playing with laws in the Congress and letting corrupt politicians exist with no stop by the agency's like FBI….

  54. USA : China is using Debt tactics to gain influence over African countries.
    Also USA : Let us put our entire citizenry in debt even before they start earning, starting with Student Loans.
    USA : Russia is dealing so much arms to Arican countries.
    Also USA : Literally has a Military Industrial Complex, and has been in a perpetual state of War with one country/region/faction or another since forever.

  55. In the end, both china and the US would take control of africa whenever they could. It’s a matter of personal interest disguised as mutual.

    This is what will eventually cause WWIII.

  56. The debts chain create & that Africa places on it's people crushes hope for them & some will rise up because of it. Russia proves the claws & teeth for some of them, and the same goes for Africa's military. Depending one how thing are said they can aim those teeth at who ever *maybe the Meddling westerners*. The government feels they can develop with out changing their way * not thinking about the people or remaining corrupt, for those who are*. The USA definitely need to change up there mind set & approach. Right now I see ppz just using African as a means to an end, same as alway. The thing ppz are missing is a heart, there are real people living there some struggle, love begets love. I can't pretend like I know all the details but I do think things gotta change.

  57. FYI
    The US state department is the one that was bullying all these countries and overthrowing when they don’t comply. That’s part of what the Deep State is, and that’s what President Trump is trying to stop.
    Aljazeera is Qatar Propaganda

  58. And same time America spends billions of dollars on war machines to stop China and Russia influence, but they forgot 800 US Militry bases. 🤣🤣🤣

  59. You know what no man is God .Babylon is coming with all kinds of systems to destroy Africa because of our resources, Africa is the richest continent in the world blessed


  61. Remember when china had to fork over port cities to britain during the opium wars? China has learned from the wisdom of the colonials lol

  62. Chinese learn that nasty games from European and U.S. and you don't explain what European are doing Africa the have of EU U.S. economic come from Africa

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