Why did this small business owner go from an Obama voter to a Trump voter?

100 Replies to “Why did this small business owner go from an Obama voter to a Trump voter?

  1. Because 1. Either he didn't. Or 2. He cares more about money than people or their welfare. A moneychanger that Jesus threw out.

  2. I voted for traitor trump on 2016 and now I regret it. I can't believe how stupid I was. I am voting for Bernie on 2020.

  3. Bpresident Trump is a wonderful human being the American p expletive don,t k now how lucky they are to have such a man as him running his country wish we had him here I the United Kingdom he has opened the eyes of the world as to all the corruption that takes place with politicians round the world we pray for God.,s blessings on the president a great human being come onAmerica get behind him .

  4. It goes to show you can be a successful business owner and still be a moron. Wasn’t spoiled enough to know the crippling regulations the Obama administration put on everybody idiot

  5. President Trump has grown into the job quite nicely.  He is pragmatic, gets things done and cares about our country. Dems want to put us into a socialist world … and who knows what damage that will do.

  6. July 13, 2012 “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”
    – Barack Obama, Roanoke, Va.

  7. Hit him or love him…people should choose their president based on his performance..DO NOT BE LIKE THE DEMS OR LIBERALS…WHO HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO HELP THE ECONOMY…! Dems have no track records worth mentioning so far…!

  8. It is no coincidence that every run down high crime high unemployment broken beyond repair city's in America have been run by democrats for decades ..

  9. president trump with his magic wand created the greatest economy in usa history !!!!!!! islamovomit destroyed business etc etc in the usa !!!!!!!!


    A guy goes into a bar in Louisiana where there is a robot bartender.

    The robot says,

    “What will you have?”

    The guy replies, “Whiskey.”

    The robot brings back his drink and asks, “What’s your IQ?”

    The guy says, “168.”

    The robot continues to talk about physics, space exploration, and medical technology.

    After the guy leaves and the more he thinks about it, the more curious he gets, so he decides to go back.

    The robot asks,

    “What’s your drink?”

    The guy answers,


    The robot returns with his drink and asks,

    “What’s your IQ?”

    The man replies,“100.”

    The robot talks about Nascar, Budweiser, the Lions, and LSU.

    The man finishes his drink, leaves, but is so interested in his “experiment” that he decides to try again.

    He enters the bar and, as usual, the robot asks him what he wants to drink.

    The man replies,


    The robot brings the drink and asks,

    “What’s your IQ?”

    The man answers,“35”.

    The robot leans in real close and asks,

    “So . . . Do you folks really think you’re going to impeach Donald Trump?”

  11. The Democrat are pushing to the extremely left, promising FREE everything, for american and illegals as well. Who will be paying for the free stuff??? Taxpayer. Venezuela is a clear example of the socialism, and we dont want the same for America.

  12. Why doesn't Fox fake News stream the real trial going on? What are you afraid of… that your viewers will hear all the truth???😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  13. Fox is the only news station not showing the impeachment trial. I guess they don’t want their viewers hearing anything bad about dear leader

  14. This business man is exactly right. Democrats tax and gouge. Republicans create opportunity. We dont need parasites in our society any more.

  15. I think illegal alliens need to start paying their fair share. My employer hires illegal alliens and they all have nicer Trucks and cars with fancy wheels and tires then what I drive. They have fancy clothes, I phone 20's or whatever they are now. They drive without licences and insurance all stuff Iam required to have and pay for as an American citizen.

  16. He shouldn’t cringe when DJT tweets. It’s meant to be coded messages for the DS/Cabal, in Gematria as warnings. It’s not meant to sound diplomatic or pretty. He never said he’d be PC. He’s talking directly with voters too.

    DJT said that people will vote with their pocketbooks and wallets. Democrats just want to drain our pocketbooks with more taxes, impeachment, socialism, communism, investigations, and waste taxpayers’ money & time. They’re history!🙄👎 While DJT wants to make us all prosper!😁🎉👍💕🇺🇸

  17. First class lie!!! Stop telling the american people all this "falsehood"!!! The economy is going because President Obama before he left office put it in play. Yes it did take time to bare fruit but he did it. You arrogant one-sided thinking people wants to make this clown appear he know's what he is doing, answer: Hell no. Republicans are making record $$$$ off this side show. That's why everyone is fighting the Democrats on it. This is the USA which has been turned into a circus with acts, and willing participates.

  18. What Trump has done for the economy is almost miraculous. But, can you do a segment about the EPA and the loosening of some regulations that could be polluting local waterways?
    I have heard this topic brought up in the past, and wonder how serious it really is…

  19. How about what would be good for the country overall ?….????? Not just your small business. Voted for Obama, lucky you did not go out of business with decisions like that.

  20. Didn't take a Harvard lawyer to cut the corporate tax rate from 38% to 21% to help small business owners and the economy….

  21. quit trying to get the guy to switch his vote. Trump worked for the people and he did what he said he would do. Trying to find some personality tidbits to vote against our president. He did what he said he woudl do. That's what we want in our leader.

  22. any smart person out there should think of what will happen if President Trump gets replaced regardless of how they like or don't like Trump. The jobs they now have will go away, the jobs that are left after the take over of the DS or elites will be given to cheaper labor(immigrants) your taxes will be beck to paying for health care and wealthfare for those who lost there jobs or were replaced, by also the illegals, who already get all this free and we get taken over by another country sold to them by the traitors who you want to remove the only hope we have ever had who lived to tell about it.

  23. He makes me cringe, i hope everyone has cringed at times, he has a tendency to say things that make you wonder, then he does something great. Even so he is possibly the best president we've ever had.

  24. Is it being naive to think we could elect a president based on which is better for the country rather than just what is better for me? I'm talking to the government and quasi government employees that vote strictly to increase government. In every way.

  25. I Speak with authority !
    Listen if the Republicans allow the Democrats to impeach President Donald J. Trump, I guarantee the train won’t stop there, next stop Congressional Caucus ( Congress) will vote to implement term limits for College Electoral. The Democrats are spearheading a California assault to overthrow the White House, I surmise if the Republicans and this includes ALL Republican representatives, give the presidency to the socialist communist Democrats, our government will rapidly become a third world corrupt lead government. You can kiss sovereignty goodbye, 2 nd amendments rights gone, taxes through the roof ALL 52 states, no more capitalism or free enterprise, open borders and God knows what else. !

  26. Democrats are all blind what is happening now in our economy. Democrats are demonized with jealousy about Mr. Trump's success in politics, economics and leader in international arena. and etc.

  27. This is not about loving Trump, it's about loving America and Trump loves America. He has single handedly steered this country from driving off a cliff.

  28. Dems and libs need to listen to this man. Your president TRUMP work's for $1.00 Dems and libs are millionaire of the backs of the American taxpayers…..

  29. Oh bum mer was a foriegn exchg student crack head from Kenya. How could you vote for him and his husband? Gross in every way. Thief. Liar. Con. USA hater. Destructive!

  30. So, we worship the almighty dollar…is that the way it is? NOT EXACTLY….but money does equate to what you do in the world.

    What if you were farming your own land…you don't sell to anyone, just feed yourself and family….and you harvest your crops, and someone comes along, and says you have to give some amount of that up for the king's programs, and you just get less than you harvested, minus all of the surcharges they'll put on top for processing and time and calculations and horse dung collection (you name it, they'll do it)? Would that be right? Of course, a socialist will say something more favorable about that. But what if, as a socialist, you also wanted to make sure you could provide for other things, save for a car, or a retirement, because you work really hard? Should you not work hard, so you can just NOT get as much taken from you…or should you work harder? I'll tell oyu what you're going to do. You're going to hire an accountant and try to find loopholes. But having lived in these socialist systems myself, there won't be any loopholes, and you'll have to lie and risk getting caught. And when you do get caught, because they will regulate the crap out of you, you'll be torn out of your little business, your kids will be disgraced and removed from University, and your life will be ruined. Don't believe it? Go live in Vietnam, North Korea, China, Cuba, or any of the many Eastern European "democratic republics" which is code for "we promise you utopian egalitarianism and jobs and all the fish you can pull out of the sea (until we need more money and regulate that–opps, too late we did that already) soon to be totally socialist hoping to someday be full communist…don't worry, we'll get there"

  31. This designation of Bloomberg as a business owner is laughable. Read about his tyranny in "business". Said he'd never go on an apology tour. Six months later "I'm sorry for being white". Tries to buy the election. throwing money into flipping congress. A total shill for Satan.

  32. He understands the frustrations on the democrat side? What? That they can't continue their march toward communist rule? Are you off your head? You put any of those "democrats" into the presidency, and unless we have a republican majority congress, the communists will work tirelessly to shred the constitution, which they are doing de facto (for reference, read the Soviet constitution, and see how it flows and how it looks like a useful document) by giving their own interpretations to whatever they want to. Like saying "do us a favor" is now somehow implied in the constitution that what comes next is treason, bribery, high-crime or misdemeanor. Or like implying that the congress themselves hold all the power, yet they harp on about separation of powers. This is what happens in tyrannies. And they are creating that atmosphere. This guy is poorly informed.

  33. What regulations is this guy talking about? He runs an employment agency. What had Trump done that has helped his business. Bogus interview. Ask tough questions. What should we expect, though. It's Fox News and this guy is a Trump supporter.

  34. anyone who can add simple numbers like 1+1 Knows Trump is the answer…He is for the American Lives and has no Need to sell us out to other countries like this swamp of scum that continues to deplete and pick at Americans just so they can scrape off the top of what they sell.

  35. Ya know there is an old saying “ The more you stir crap the worse it smells “. Thank God we don’t have to listen to a bunch of bs from those Traitors any longer. They have done nothing for the American people except spread hate and division.

  36. Corruption is rampant in DC, is why Trump got elected, but I don't think of myself as Republican but as Independent! Hoping Trump will clean swamp, etc… I think he should get last 3 year's back from Democratic obstructionist behavior!

  37. He must be a racist. He should want more taxes taken from his business to support illegal immigration, free college, healthcare, the green new deal, etc.


  39. Because Obama screwed small business with BO Care and Trump said he would repeal, which didn't happen. Trump, just more Insurance run government, corporate welfare, at the expense of consumers and business. Bernie 2020.

  40. Easy answer. Obama's "transformation of America" turned out to be the corruption of our bureaucratic agenicies and weaponization of the DOJ/FBI/CIA/IRS for political gain and personal enrichment; not the betterment of our Nation and world. Nothing changes if nobody goes to jail.

  41. Always glad to hear when someone decides to vote for a conservative Republican rather than a liberal Democrat, no matter the reason… but it sure would be nice if there was a self- LESS moral component to his decision rather than just a self- ISH economic decision only. Don't forget … it was the Democrat Party that for nearly 150 years supported both slavery and segregation… and now they've just traded those two sins for the sins of abortion and sexual perversion. Would be nice to see see this man have a moral conversion and vote Republican because they are pro-life, pro-God and pro- righteousness of God as well. Unless a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.

  42. Barrack Hussein Obama?? I never did vote for him & never will, he is not born in USA he cheating American people!! He born in Kenya and he is not half black & half white he lies his father is communist!! He is Muslim Commie, got endorse in White House from deep state Devil George Soros, he spent more than 60 Millions to set him in White House to spy American!! Obama he is Fake President of United States!!

  43. I made up my minds long time ago that i will not vote any party that has madam Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Shummer because they are far from reality.

  44. I am a small business owner and I will be voting for President Trump in 2020. Not because his policies helped my business. Actually if anything his booming economy probably hurt my business. The problem for me was I could not find help. Also, all the big box stores went up on their starting pay becauae they could not find help as well. A small business can not compete with let's say, Lowes. Lowes in my city, starts people at $14.00 an hour plus a raise in three months and health insurance. It is pretty much the same with all the national chains in Columbia SC.
    To be transparent. I did not vote for Trump in 2016 but I will in November 2020. He is the first President in my lifetime that accomplished or tried to accomplish every single campaign promise. He would have completed every promise if the Democrats hadn't tried to shut him down at every angle. The USMCA deal that was just signed this past week along with the 1st phase of the China deal will help America greatly.I am only saying this because for Democrats that only watch the liberal news, may not realize that both happened this week. I have been keeping an eye on brainwash CNN and l did not see where they even reported either deal. Correct me if I am wrong because I would love to hear CNN is actually getting back to honest reporting. I once watched CNN from 1 to 3 hours a day. It is difficult to watch for 5 minutes now. Today CNN is extremely negative. They are so over the top with everything. They lied to the American people for three years and never once admitted being wrong or attempted to appologize to the nation. Those of you that still watch CNN, I ask you this. How many times does a news organization need to lie to you before you stop watching?

    Wake up people. The Democrats with the liberal media are trying to take down the country!!
    The ExDemocrat

  45. I agree, President Trump is the Most Honest and sincere person, he is a believer in 'America First', and he is REAL! I will vote for him, I Trust him, and I love his antics, Great sense of humor, which we all need. The other option is bleak and dark.

  46. I followed him on his speeches and all I see is lies I think he’s total corruption has he ever told the truth I honestly believe the Democrats I think he tried to cheat in the next election and there’s no way in hell I’m going to vote for him again

  47. Obama grew the economy at a faster rate than trump. If Theis guy couldn’t succeed it was his fault grow up and be responsible for yourself.

  48. In my small town you could walk down town several years ago and every other store front were boarded up or shut down.
    Now after 3 years under Trumps leadership some of those store are back. People now have the confidence to take a chance and open a new business.

  49. I voted for Obama yes America I’m guilty as hell I did but I promise America I will never vote democrat again that’s a fact and I apologize to America for doing so forgive me I thought there would b change but nothing so never again no democrats



  52. A small business owner has to work 18hr days, invest EVERYTHING and maybe…maybe they make it without losing EVERYTHING ! Now comes along a spider and wants to steal all of it and give it to illegals from a foreign country, all your Time ,Money and Dreams gone…. why ? for the power they get when elected as our betters….

  53. Exactly right Obama hammerd my small business with high taxes and only enriched the wealthy we suffered &employee's suffered from Obama's tax hikes smh now he became multimillionaire as president wow let's see these politicians tax returns we need to take a hard look at all these politicians who become multimillionaires while president & the ones in Congress supposedly serving the people are worth hundreds of millions of dollars something is very wrong there & the left wants us to see the donald Trump's tax returns he didn't get rich while being elected official… it's the ones who became extremely wealthy while serving are the ones that need investigating!!!!! Shameful politics dirty companies formed taking bribes&taxpayers money!!!!

  54. Socialism/Communism is a big no no. The guest says he only votes on what is good for “me” (him). Me me me. That’s a big problem, and I wish people would think about the future of our country and our children. It’s not about us. It’s about leaving the country a little better than when you arrived. Right now, Trump is the answer to a better America. Vote Trump 2020.

  55. This phony "businessman" is so frightened, LOL. He doesn't say HOW his small business benefitted from Trump, and, of course, the Fox News Business Host does not ask him. How disingenuous! This is a political ad. Too obvious, Fox News.

  56. Kevin Russbach — 2 days ago
    He enters the bar and, as usual, the robot asks him what he wants to drink.
    The man replies,
    The robot brings the drink and asks,
    “What’s your IQ?”
    The man answers,“35”.
    The robot leans in real close and asks,
    “So . . . Do you folks really think you’re going to impeach Donald Trump?”
    The man answers, "No, I voted for him".

    [George Fortier's response:]

    "George Fortier — 17 minutes ago
    Very clever Kevin, you must be of the smartest little boys in your third grade class "

    My response to George Fortier:
    You have demonstrated questionable interest in "little boys in your [my] third grade class."
    I take it you voted for Trump, too.
    In the ensuing response, George Fortier attempts to condescend via a disparaging remark, while demonstrating bigotry:

    [George Fortier – 5 hours ago]
    "I apologise, I was wrong. You are not clever at all…just blindingly stupid. Some day when you grow up, get a job and have adult responsibilities you will understand why Trump is good for working Americans"

    ("apologize" — with a "z", George).

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