Why Invest in Dubai Real Estate? Dubai Property Expert

Hello my name is Alina, I’m Dubai Property Expert. In the previous video I told you a bot about myself about the fact that I’ve been living in Dubai for 11 years and doing real estate for the past 5 years In this video I would like to discuss with You the Top Reasons Why people are Investing in Dubai especially in real estate in Dubai So, let’s take it one by one ! First of all, Dubai is strategically located between Asia, Africa and Europe Dubai Airport is being one of the busiest airports in the world with more than 70 million passengers and it’s constantly increasing. The tourism industry is very well developed At the moment we have more than 14 million visitors per annum which is going to increase to 20 million by 2020 Jebel Ali Port is being the largest containers port in Asia with connection to 140 ports so it’s quite massive, as You can understand Apart from the strategical location, Dubai is very stable in terms of Political stability and Economical stability If You look at the currency, the US dollar has been at it’s value of 3,672 dirhams from 1997 and it still continues Taxation, is another reason WHY You should consider Dubai for investing It’s 0% Income tax, 0% Corporate Tax, 0% Capital Gain Tax The VAT has been introduced from January 2018 however, in terms of Real Estate, the 5% VAT is not massively impacting the transactions I’ll give you more details on this in my subsequent videos Another reason WHY Dubai is a TOP destination for Investment is because of the Infrastructure The largest projects in the world like Burj Khalifa, like Dubai Mall Like the upcoming tallest tower, “The Tower” and many more are adding massive value to Dubai as a destination for investment In terms of Language, the business language in English In terms of nationalities, You’ll find here over 200 nationalities working and living side by side peacefully In terms of safety, it’s really really a very SAFE area to be in I’ll tell You more, I’ll tell you different cases from my personal experience from the experience of my friends and family of HOW SAFE Dubai can be in subsequent videos as well If we come closer to WHY Investing in Real Estate? And how does the Government help the Investors here, I can outline the following First of all, it’s 100% Foreign Ownership, by investing in the Freehold areas Second of all, that it’s very regulated Every project SHOULD have an Escrow account so it’s very SAFE for the Investors to buy, whether Primary property or Secondary property Another important point for the Investor is, the Return on Investment We are talking about 6%-7% average return on investment which can reach to 9%-10% in selected projects Also the BANKS, are supporting here with various financial options for mortgages So if You are a resident, You can avail 75% LTV (loan-to-value) If You are a non-resident, You can avail 50% of the property value Last but not least is the Capital Repatriation So Government will not have any restriction on You, if You were to sell your property and if You want to transfer Your money elsewhere It’s very simple and if You have all the documents to prove that you’ve sold your property here You can safely take Your money back home I believe I’ve stated Enough Reasons for You to be considering Investing in Dubai Like this video, if you Like it 😉 Share it with Your friends Subscribe to my channel And in the further video, I’ll be talking about “Why should You consider relocating to Dubai if you are a Family? ” What’s so amazing about lifestyle in Dubai for families? Why would you like it? Why do Iike it and why do i recommend it to You and Your family? Thanks a lot for watching! Good bye.

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