World’s Best Car Cruise?? Doing Woodward Dream Cruise in our $3,500 Land Yacht

(retro music) – [Cameraman] Oh! Now it’s puking! (laughing) – [Bearded Man] This thing
ran 140 miles, no problem. – [Cameraman] No problem. – Ugh! Sick. (laughing) – [Crowd Member] Did
that hose just fall off? – No, it’s coming from the overflow. – [Second Cameraman] Yeah it
goes straight to the ground. – [Bearded Man] It
could’ve been doing that for the whole time. –
[Cameraman] The whole time. – [Bearded Man] And we didn’t know. – We’ve been officiator 18 minutes and 49 seconds. – We haven’t even done a full lap. – We haven’t done a full lap. Half a lap, and uh, here we are. – We made it. – No, we made it, this, to us, this is making it. (upbeat techno music) (jazz music) (cars driving) – We’re here, Detroit, MI for the Woodward Dream Cruise and if you missed last episode, you missed us picking up this beautiful land yacht right here. This 1964 Oldsmobile 98. Drove it from Ohio back
here, had a few problems stopped at Summit, fixed
it, but we’re here now. It’s Saturday, it’s time to cruise. Well boys, we are officially at Woodward. – 24 hours. – We have flown across the
country procured a vehicle, fixed it. – In a different state. – Yeah. – Fixed that vehicle in a parking lot, drove through the night
in the rain without a top. – And hail. – And we’re here. The Woodward Dream Cruise. (upbeat techno music) – [Narrator] Woodward Avenue
is 24 Miles long extending from Detroit to Pontiac, Michigan. It’s one of the most important roads in the history of the automobile. The first street racing ticket
was written here in 1895. In 1909 it became America’s
first paved road in 1919 it was the site of the first
three color traffic light. It wasn’t until the 1950’s where Woodward cemented it’s place in hot rod history. Multiple drive in restaurants made it the perfect venue for hopped
up cars to cruise and race. It’s rumored that the big
three auto makers used this road as an unofficial test site. By the peak of the muscle car era, ten second cars would
frequently rip down the strip. One standout was Jimmy Addison’s 1967 487 Hemi powered Plymouth GTX, known as the silver bullet. Jimmy worked at a Sunoco
station on Woodward, but legend has it that the car was a Mopar Skunkworks project. By the late 1960’s
anti-cruising and loitering laws effectively shut down the racing. In 1995 the town of Ferndale started the Woodward Dream Cruise to raise
money for a soccer field. The cruise has ran ever since, paying homage to the avenue’s heyday. – I’ve never been here. – I’ve never been here. – I’ve never been either. – Yeah, we’re going to
be breaking our necks over here all day. (engine revving) (laughing) – It would be cool though
if I had a full quiet mode. Like a whole extra set of
pipes on the other side. Sometimes it’s nice to be quiet. Am I getting old? – [Cameraman] You’re getting old. – First time I ever got my
doors blown off by one of those, I had no idea what it was. – What is it? – It’s a Dodge Omni GLH, which stood for Go Like Hell and Carroll Shelby built it. They made like, their turbo motors so I’ll say they had like 180, 180 HP, which was a lot for that era. (laughing) – He doesn’t want none. – He don’t want none of this. – He don’t want none
from 394, high pressure. – Woo hoo. (funky music) – We need to bring this,
something like this to California. Like old Van Nuys, like. – Yeah. – Right, like that’s where
they used to ride right? It was Van Nuys boulevard back in the day? – Try to get a lot. – Yeah, then I can sit up here. – You can sit up there. Probably get pulled over doing that. I guess. – That’s a parade car. – Yeah. – [Driver] Hey man, I watch you guys on YouTube all of the time! – [Team] Yeah! (laughing) – Thank you. – You like this? We just picked her up. – Where from? – In Ohio, for 3500 bucks. – Not bad! (laughing) – OG 3X, OG, Triple OG. Man, the one thing I miss about living in the Midwest is seeing, like, almost every 5L Mustang with
slicks and skinnies on it. – Yeah, bigs and littles. – Yeah. (relaxed funk music) – Is that the one? – All right we’ll pull over. – Little tune up, we’ll get a little osteitic tune up right now. – [Cameraman] This thing is
leaking something serious. It leaves like a nice 3
inch, 4 inch diameter mark. – Ugh, that’s new. (groans) Sick. (laughing) – [Cameraman] So Scotto, how you feeling? This is deja vu, this is
like how it used to be. – Everything is good until
the minute you get there. – [Cameraman] Maybe we’ll
scout a spot, maybe. – We could just post up,
let people come to us. – (laughing) Yeah. We’ve been officially here for 18 minutes and 49 seconds. – We haven’t even done a full lap. – We haven’t done a full lap. – All it needs is more fluid, we’re good. – Hot Rod classic. – [Cameraman] They gave
us some good stuff. – I know, maybe we can put some sawdust in it or something, you
know like that tranny leak. Or is that rear ends only? – [Cameraman] Uh, yeah
that’s not (laughing) you’re not gonna put that in there. Wow, you’re really brave. You’re trying to do that right now? Okay. – If it shoots, I’ll run. – [Cameraman] Just let it go, just let it go for a little bit. Let it relieve it’s pressure. – We’ll let it cool off,
drive her a little bit. Let it cool off again
next time it happens. – Yeah, let it cool off,
maybe put a gauge in it. So at the end of the day, we can drive it. – Sounds like a plan, let’s do it. (funk music) – Damn, the Trans 4. Thug. Look at that exhaust pipe right there. Get in there. Dang. – It’s like a gambler car. – Man that would be sick. – Yeah. (car horn) – Sick. – Yeah! – Yes! (laughing) – [Passerby] Are you guys competing? – [Team] Yeah. – You’ll see a dinosaur today. (laughing) – Is that a snowboard as a wing? – [Passerby] Yeah. – Yeah, that’s a nice move right there. – You guys need some stickers? – [Passerby] Appreciate it. – Definitely. (rock music) – What about this Bronco tour right here? – Woo. – Definitely sensory overload right now. – Yeah. – I found a foot lock. – You got it now so you won’t die. – We’re afraid Zach is going
to fall out in parade mode. So he’s got his foot
wedged underneath the seat. So he doesn’t fly out. – White Castle. We’re stopping there. (techno music) – [Narrator] In 1921, Billy Ingram opened the first White Castle in Wichita, Kansas. Subsequently, inventing
fast food restaurants and hamburger sliders. Their delicious 100% beef
burger is affectionately and aptly known to their
loyal fans as a belly bomber. While still primarily a
mid-west based institution, White Castle found much success
in the New York city area. In 2015, the company moved west, opening a store in Las Vegas. There are still no White
Castle locations in California. Much to the chagrin of the
Hoonigan Chief Creative Officer, Brian Scotto. But today, White Castle fries
do come in more than one size. Word to the Beastie Boys. (upbeat rock music) – Yo, White Castle is my favorite thing. They don’t have it on the west coast. Is that your first White
Castle experience in life? – Mm hmm. – I’m happy I could be here for you. – The Whizzer! (Motorbike engine) – [Cameraman] Yeah, that’s old me. – That’s old you? – [Cameraman] That’s old me. All denim. White hair blowing in the wind. – All right so, we have gone half a lap. Car puked a little bit,
had a hubcap fall off, had a flag fall off, but we’re doing good. We’re doing way better than
I thought we were gonna do. – Luxury. Elegance. – Limousine quality interior. – This is what classic
Detroit steel is all about. – This car is the reason why Detroit was at the top of the game in the ’60s. Cars like this. If you guys want to see
cars like this again, go on Oldsmobile’s
Instagram and let them know. (laughing) – [Cameraman] Go spam Oldsmobile’s page. – It doesn’t exist. (laughing) – It won’t start. – Yup, we died. – Okay, so the car died. Overheated. – It won’t even crank. – Ah shit. – (laughing) She’s heavy. (blues music) – That things, uh. – [Cameraman] Heavy? – Yeah. – Yeah. – It’s almost 5 thousand pounds. – [Cameraman] It is 5
thousand pounds I’m sure with all of the stuff in it. – It actually rolls
easier than almost every other car at the garage though. – Well that’s good, It
doesn’t have a welded dick. – [Cameraman] Oh my God. Well that was pretty good. We actually got it over here. – Yeah. – [Cameraman] In the shade. – Okay, let’s just sit
it here and let it cool and uh, go check out the show. – [Cameraman] Yeah. (upbeat rock music) – [Cameraman] Man that
thing is pretty fresh. I usually like my old trucks to look old. (upbeat music) – All right here we go. Donk breakdown number 1. Hulkamania Continental Mark 4. Two door drop top. – Solid donk. Donk is only a 71, 75 Impala or Caprice. (laughing) – I did not know that. – You’re just calling everything
with big wheels a donk. That’s not true. – Okay well see, I didn’t know that. I just widely referred to everything as it because that’s what. – I mean, I did literally
write the book on that. – [Cameraman] But hey,
style points, flags, got two flags on it, two flags. Got dice more style, got sounds, and it looks like it’s got
a tablet on the dash, so. – Flashing lights down there. – [Cameraman] Yeah I think
we might be getting towed. – Look it’s on a flat bed. – [Cameraman] Oh shit. – They just pulled it away. They just took it away on a flatbed. – [Cameraman] They can’t go far. I’m gonna run to try to save our car. No, our car is still there. We’re good. Still here. – I thought she was gone. (laughing) And the titles is in the glove box. Not sure how I would be
able to prove it’s mine. – Matt, it’s a false call. – You think she starts? – [Cameraman] She’ll start. Let’s put some water in it though. – That was like a six block run too. – [Cameraman] Dude. That had me sweating. – Yeah I was like, “uh, all
of our stuff is in the car”, and like Scotto said, the title is in there so we
couldn’t prove it’s ours. – [Cameraman] Okay. – All right let’s see if it Uh. (car starting) – [Cameraman] Oh, okay. (car starting) – It sounds a little rough. – [Cameraman] Well it’s not
really getting much gas. Look at that. It’s getting. – There you go she’s
smoothing herself out. Sounds great. Let’s ride. – [Cameraman] Hey hey
hey, we drove this here. It might have broken down
once or twice but it made it. – Fly here big boy? (laughing) – Fly here yeah. You can fit a lot of bodies in there. – Yeah. – [Cameraman] Snow top. – Nice. – [Cameraman] Yeah. – I was looking at the inner texture here. – Yeah. – Jeez, yeah that’s consistent. – You wanna try it out? And like sit in it? – [Cameraman] Get yourself in there. – Getting your leg under the
steering wheel is fun, yeah. – Oh yeah this is great, let’s close this. – [Cameraman] See that? – Oh yeah. – Trade that Audi in man. – I’m ready. Yeah. – That’s you. – There’s some air of
luxury with this vehicle. – [Cameraman] Are you kidding me? What kind of dumb, this thing is. – If you drove it you would
actually realize it is. – This is like the Maybach of it’s day. – Yeah. – [Cameraman] It kinda is. – It is definitely Maybach of it’s day. By the way, I appreciate proper
pronunciation of Maybach. – Yeah it’s not may back, it’s Maybach. – Yeah well, don’t tell
Maybach you said that. – [Cameraman] Check
that out, dual ashtrays. – Oh, hold on. Look in the back, dual cigarette
lighters for your kids. So they too can smoke. – [Cameraman] Oh both sides. So what’s up? Y’all got the full trailer you got some cars going over here. – Oh yeah man, we got the
full spread over there. It’s carte blanch man, It’s a great setup. Should we take the tour? – [Cameraman] Let’s do
it, come on, come on. – Take you to the booth. (upbeat music) – Also, here’s some Bronco action here, so we took a throwback. – [Cameraman] Fan favorite. – Everyone loves Broncos right? A Bronco is like, when you see a Bronco it’s like seeing a dolphin in the ocean. You gotta stop and take pictures. (laughing) We got the Liberty here, the teal and blue the scallops so very consistent
Falcon heritage here. This bad boy, open that up. – [Cameraman] Don’t get in it. – Smell that robust leather
there, the allure of that wood. That’s real Napa. That’s nice stuff right there. – [Cameraman] Damn son. – And just to kinda go back
to being a tire manufacturer, we put our MTs on this, so we’re representing that Wild Pecan Tea. – [Cameraman] Yeah well
thanks for hanging with us. – There we have it man, yeah. – [Cameraman] And kicking it. – Thanks for coming to our booth man, that’s what’s up right there.
– [Cameraman] Of course. Tell us what you brought here to Woodward. – This is my P-51D. Built it at the beginning of the year, as a demo car for Rausch. – [Cameraman] It’s only
suitable for drift use? – That’s right it. – [Cameraman] Just suitable. – Won’t even idle. (laughing) Won’t even idle if you’re in traffic. – But uh yeah it’s got
like the P-51 interior, kinda like that bomber jacket brown. – [Cameraman] Yeah, It’s fancy dude. You have fancy cars. – Rays with 57 CRs on it with
some Falcon tires obviously. – [Cameraman] Yeah man you
got, is that kinda crazy to think about putting Rays on a Mustang? – I feel like I’m the one to do it though. – [Cameraman] Ooh. – Like
if anybody was to do it. – [Cameraman] I like that. – I would be the one
to do it. So I did it. (engine revving) – [Cameraman] That’s sport, all right. (engine revving) – Headphone users beware. – Yeah headphone users,
but you didn’t give me a warning buddy. That was like, it wasn’t
that bad til the very top of the note and then it burned my ears. – It’s got a bite to it. – Yeah it does. – Pro tip from JDP Shenanigans. – North, Northway Shenanigans. – [Cameraman] Awesome, well thanks dude. – We’ve just came off
the Woodward main strip we’re taking the back
streets, er, we’re taking back streets down to
actually go further North so that we can get up to
where like the main action is. Apparently, that is where shit goes down. We can’t obviously idle this thing. – Too much. – Miles and miles. – And a lot of Woodward is a parking lot. Especially heading north. So, cruising the back roads. – But she’s still running,
just got a little hot. – Yeah. – It’s what 7 o’clock? 7:30? – Yeah. – So we’re going to make it
into nightfall with this thing. – Do you think Diplomat is a solid name or do you like Pablo or do you like? – I mean the names the names that have been thrown out right now,
right is Vanilla Float. – [Cameraman] Oh okay. – Cruise Missile, the
Diplomat, and Pablo Escocar. – [Cameraman] They’re all solid though. – They’re all solid. – [Cameraman] They’re all solid. – Tell you what, why don’t you pick? Vote below in the comments, what you think this car should be named. – By the way, Pablo Escocar
is a car caine reference, if you didn’t know. – [Cameraman] So Scotto is
not saying anything but he is basically seeding it as
that should be the name of it. (laughing) – [Cameraman] Yeah! – First of all, that’s
a middle aged white guy driving a proper low rider. – It’s not even improper too. That’s what I love about cars,
it brings everyone together. Like you drive around
here, and everybody is out, everyone is having a good
time, no one is beefing. It’s like, blends all together. To quote Killa Mike, the
gasoline hobby is diverse. It brings everyone together. – [Cameraman] Whoa, look at that row. – See like. – Okay. – And we’re a good 4
blocks off of Woodward right now and the ’58 there. – Nice. – Dude you got 1, 2, 3, and 4 gen. – [Cameraman] It’s
probably his collection, he probably owns them all. – That’s a car caine problem right there. You buy that many of the same car, that’s like a whole other level. (groovy music) – Night time is the right time so we’re cruising up Woodward headed North towards Pontiac, apparently
that’s where all the party goes down. There’s been a basically
a full on onslaught of V8s and loud cars just cruising up this way so we’re gonna see what we can get into. (engine revving) – Get you some! – Woo! – Yeah! – Was not expecting that at all. – Did not see that coming. (laughing) – Yo the sleeper OBS, this is badass. We got like a bitching Camero ahead of us. – Got that G body to the left. – Oh. – Straight Monte Carlo-ing. This thing is fresh. – Yeah it sounds good. – Oh look at the in front of it. – [Cameraman] Yeah! – This thing is sick. – [Cameraman] Okay, okay. This thing is too cool. – Yeah, hell yeah. – I dig it. – [Cameraman] Yo, yo rev it for us! (motorcycle revving) – [Team] Yeah. (laughing) (engine revving) – [Cameraman] What up? – Yo welcome to Detroit Chop City. Yeah. – Nice. – This is so much chop going on. – So much. I’m afraid if it all
chops at the same time the harmonica will break the road. (laughing) It’s gonna be like gallop
and gurney the bridge. Burnout if you are American. – [Cameraman] Let em know. Let em know brother! (engines roaring) – You what up? You can sit on the car real quick. – Yeah, jump on, jump on! Come on! – There you go. – What’s up man? – Oh my God! – We didn’t want you to get hurt. – This is insane! – What’s your name? – Blake Wilson. Oh my god dude. You guys are amazing, can I
actually shake your guy’s hands? – [Cameraman] Of course brother,
hey man good to meet you. – Hey have a good night – See ya bud, be safe. Don’t get run over please. I love that the one dude standing out on the side of the street, by himself, with a piece of poster board, that says to do a burnout
if you’re an American. Is a fan of our show. (laughing) He’s here by himself, he
wasn’t with a crew of people. He’s doing it for the cause. (engine roaring) – That was rad. – Get it. (engine revving) – You got a nice GC8 I like it. – Thank you, I’m thinking
of getting a Mad Max one. (laughing) – [Cameraman] There you go. (engine revving) Okay. – [Cameraman] Whoa, dude that thing is. – 32s. – [Cameraman] 32s? God damn. – Nice cars too right here behind me. – I see it. – Look at that, look at that. – Uh uh. – All right so we pulled
over here at the gas station. It started raining on us for a little bit, but we figured this was
an ample time to pull over and let the car cool down
because, well let’s face it, we’ve held up in traffic and it’s not got the best track record of staying cool. – It’s doing okay. – It’s got hot once. – Pro tip, you wanna get off the block when you are on the cruise route because otherwise you will only see the same cars that are cruising. You gotta like reset
your position in line. – So we’re gonna drive back down Woodward in the rain because we have
to go back down anyway so, but it’s raining so
we’re going to poncho up, and sit in the Cruise Missile. – I mean this is the
right way for it to end. – [Cameraman] Yeah it’s good. – We’re gonna cruise all
the way back down Woodward, all the way back down
Southside in the rain. – This available online yet? – Yeah, they’re available
so you can buy them now so, shameless plug again. – Cop your poncho at Stay dry. Stay Fly. – Just in case you too want a car that doesn’t have a roof like us brainiacs. (relaxing music) – Whoa. (laughing) (cheering) – It doesn’t really have a top. – So we managed to get all the way through the Woodward Dream Cruise. It’s 11 o’clock at night, it’s raining. You know what? I couldn’t think of a
better way to end this. Could you Scotto? – Oww, yeah. – He burned his hand on
the manifold, not fun. – I think we’ve wrapped this up ourselves, so you know what? I feel like we should let the good people of Woodward do it for us. – Yeah, give it to em. – That’s a wrap! – That’s a wrap! – That’s a wrap! – That’s a wrap! – You gonna wrap it for us or what? – So I’m walking by. – No are you gonna wrap it? – Wrap what? – We need a ‘that’s a wrap’ bro. – I need a beat, I need a producer man. What are you talking
about? I’m not a rapper. – That’s a wrap like
what we do at every video at the very end. – Oh I thought you were
talking about literal rapping. (laughing) (engine revving)

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