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(vocalizations) – I can do it. They didn’t have half
of these things when… What’s her name? (laughter) All I could think of was
Claire and I was like, “That’s not her name!” – Fuck, sorry. – Something about a genie. – Yeah, I say something
about a genie, I forgot. Claire sent me those. Shoot (blows raspberry). – (Liza laughs) They didn’t
have half of these things… They didn’t have half
of these (flubs line) They didn’t have half of
these things when Caitlin was born and… something, and she survived. No that’s it, that’s all. I just fucked up. I like Claire (laughs) I have to actually believe
that I like Claire. – Nice pant suit, is your
funeral – fuck – back. – This is an exciting week
(laughs) sorry, sorry! – Is anyone okay?
Is everyone hurt? – [Liza] Safety third! – My files in here, my
phone, a water bottle. – [Kelsey] An iPhone won’t fit. iPhone literally
will not fit, try. – Don’t talk back to me,
don’t talk back to me. – Oh, I didn’t
mean to lean back! Didn’t mean to lean back! (laughs) One more time. (group laughter) – I want to lift my
arm more but I can’t because it weighs 75 pounds. – Here I’ll help you, do
you need to move your arms? And this is my first (in
a french accent) novel? Nope. – [Diana] Why are you French? – What is it? (Crew reading off mic) Not debut, not my
novel… release. – [Woman] Oh, are
you crying now? – No (laughter) I’m so sorry Kels, I tried
to Quinn to soften the toad the toad – The toad! (laughs) (vocalizations and grunts) – (rhythmically patting table)
It will be our first release. – It will be our first release. – There you go! But, like good. (Liza laughs) So you just open you mouth and then sounds
and words come out. It will be our first release. I like your, I
like the neck work. (Liza laughs) (yelling) Isn’t this fun? – Yeah! – So fun! Are you crying? Yes girl! Should we do a pyramid? Get on your knees. (off-screen laughter) I need you to say it right now. – [Liza and Kelsey] This
will be our first release – No, that’s not even…
those weren’t the words. (off-screen laughter) Yes! Oh god, waiter! – This will be
our first release. – [Quinn] So fun. (laughter) – It’s much harder
without the beating. – [Quinn] It will be
our first release. – It will be our first release. No. – [Quinn] That’s not the rhythm. – No. (Liza laughs) – I think there’s just a little
bit of work that can be don- Done on the tone. – [Diana] ♪ Done on the tone ♪ – [Kelsey] ♪ Done on the tone ♪ Could we, could
– fuck me, sorry. No no, it is not about (Liza laughing) (Fire engine sirens) – I swear to God it worked – It does, it makes it
a little bit better. – It really helps the
butt cheeks in particular. Then how the hell
am I gonna do th- – [Liza] Mother, shit – Mother shit! – [Liza] Mother shit! Mother shit. – And if we publish it before
the movie comes out (mumbles) Fuck, that was
rough, real rough. – I was a nerd. Tall, dark… tall dark, no! – [Director] When I say Action – Okay, okay! – (with accent) We say Action. – We say, you say Action we go. – (with accent) yeah, yeah For the first time First time out of the cup
was what I was going to say, if I had said it
right, motherfucker. – I want you to dial up the sex. Dial it up. (Peter vocalizes turning a dial) – (whispering) God, I’m sexy Uh huh, now say something else (Liza laughs and vocalizes) – We get to dance here tonight? – (with NYC accent) Yeah you
know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna dance later. That’s actually how Diana talks. This plumber can tango. – [Liza] ♪ This
plumber can tango! ♪ (glasses clink) (Liza vocalizes spraying sound) – If only I could open my… Oh my god I was just
schmoozing with the Editor of Modern Romance, you
know The Modern Romance and ♪ I messed up my lines ♪ – [Diana] I’m sorry it’s
so hard not to laugh – ♪ And who’s laughing at me? ♪ – [Diana] I love you! – I was just schmoozing the
Editor of Modern (flubs line) No ♪ No ♪ – (whispering) I’m just
working on my computer. There’s not a keyboard here, but I’m making it
look like there is. – Hi, I’m here to do your
tills from the (flubs line) – Okay, call me. – (whispering) I just, (mumbles) (laughs) Sorry! – God! (flubs line) Again – [Liza] Again – It won’t stick to us. We’ll be… clean? Something like that. (laughs) What is it? This is fucked, sorry. – We’ll be clean? – We’ll be… what is it? (Kelsey speaking off mic) (Kelsey gets hit with camera) – Just her and me, that’s all. (door slams) – [Liza] Fuck. – Write it out. – Dear Mom, what’s the date? – Wish I knew. – Okay. This writes surprisingly
well on fabric. – That’s good to know. – I’m going to
need more napkins. It’s going to be
a long contract. Maybe we can arrange that. Anyway, so hold on there’s
something on my face. (Kelsey laughs) Okay! – [Kelsey] Use your claw – All of a sudden I was like,
is there a bug on my face? Okay. – [Crew] (off mic) I feel
good about the (mumbles). – I’m thinking of branching
out to other… fuck me. (coughs) …cuisines, sorry. Why don’t we just do that again? Hi, Peter Hermann, how are you? That’s not inconvenient, at all. We don’t need to
reset or anything. But, Hi, how are you? (snapping) – [Liza] ♪ I’m gonna go
outside, so I’m going outside. ♪ – [Kelsey] (laughs)
That was good. Did I tell you about Zane? – What is going on? – Speaking of things
that are stiff! (laughter) – Stiff – I’m not gonna say it! (laughter) – I forgot what I’m saying… – Yeah, yeah! – I’m having like, a
moment of… an aneurysm. I might die. – Speaking of (laughs)
wait, not speaking of stiff (yells offscreen) What is it? Jesus christ. I don’t know what’s
so good about it. It’s crazy! – Stiffy whiffy! (laughter) – [Crew] Cut! – That reminds me, did
I tell you about Zane? There’s a fucking
tornado happening! (Liza laughs) (Kelsey screams) Like, we can’t talk any louder. – You were like “Yikes!” – Yikes! It’s so strong! – ♪ Getting older on Younger ♪ – (clapping) ♪ Pregnant
Claire, pregnant Claire ♪ ♪ Claire is pregnant,
Claire is pregnant ♪ ♪ Pregnant Claire,
pregnant Claire ♪ ♪ Claire is
pregnant, pregnant. ♪ – [Kelsey] Yeah! – Calm down girl. We’re making a TV show. – No we’re saving lives. (Claire laughs) (Lauren screams) – My hair. – [Liza and Kelsey] Your hair? – Yeah, my hair! – You have the honor Do I have the safety pin? I think you have it, don’t you? Thank you. May I have your
attention please? – Woo! (wind) We’re doing this! – Okay, let’s try again! (Kelsey rolls her tongue) – Wait! Oh no, no no! Shit! It’s all attached. I’m sorry, it’s
attached to this. Let me do that again. – (screams) that’s going to
slice somebody’s neck off! – [Woman] Oh my god. – I’m sorry. (screams) It’s a disaster. – [Josh] Danger! (Lauren screams) – [Director] You’ll
deliver that line – [Claire] Yeah – [Director] your
water has broke – [Kelsey] Ha –
Deliver that line – Hey! Whoever has the shortest
ra- (flubs line) Whoever has the
shortest (flubs line) This is the nicest Uber I’ve
ever been in in my life. (Driver laughs) All right just, fuck, one more. – [Claire] It’s coming! – Oh, okay, hey hey hey,
just remember (flubs line) One more time from the
top (popping sound) Okay (pops lips) got it. Not staring at her… not
staring at her vagina. (Claire laughs) – [Maggie] That’s my job. – Yeah Eyes up baby! Eyes up, eyes up! – Even this part, where
you say you don’t care… Aw shit, sorry. – [Diana] Oh well that
part I didn’t mean. Nosy neighbors. (Door slams)

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